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Restaurant kitchen cellar in sporting lodge with wine, champagne & sloe gin rack stacked on side.
Traditional lime wall, underground wine & champagne cellar storage with laid bottles covering floor.
Three red wine glassed touching, as faded, attractive non-shooting girls toast in the background.

Wine & Champagne

When the day’s sport has finished, after shooting through to a late lunch or at dinner in the lodge, camp or hotel, we feel there are not many things that are better than a glass of good champagne or a mellow Italian red wine with friends - these are the wines the Italians call ‘vino da meditazione’ 1 - wines best shared with old friends.


The Sybarites were renowned for their fondness for luxury, becoming famous among the Greeks for their pursuit of pleasure, which correlatives with our beliefs in fine hunting sports and fine wines, hence our sister company Sybarite Cellars™ was formed.

A good wine should enhance the conversation, make you feel more eloquent

than you really are, and bring you closer to your interlocutor!

Sybarite Cellars

Sybarite Cellars specialises in Italian, German and French wines, with a spattering of other interesting wines from around the world, we feel are worthy of our portfolio.


We are able to supply fine wines, champagnes and sloe & damson gins / vodkas directly to you personally, the shoot / river for your day, or straight to a lodge or hotel, where you maybe staying.


Sybarite Sporting™ guests receive their requested wine / spirit order at cost price.

Please visit the Sybarite Cellars website or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7233 7798 to discuss any wine requirements that you may have.

VinEcology 2

Vineyards shape important economic, cultural, and ecological systems in many temperate biomes. Like other agricultural systems, they can be multifunctional landscapes that not only produce grapes, but also for example serve as wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, and are places of rich traditions.


As independent wine merchants and believers in sustainable conservation, Sybarite Cellars fully supports VinEcology and look to buy wines from vineyards, and wine producers, that make organic and biodynamic wines, with natural cork closure 3, through ecologically

traditional land management practices - for more information please visit the Sybarite Cellars VinEcology page.

Purchase Donation; Charity Donation

Conservation research and communities that implement sustainable wildlife management is a very important part of what we represent.


Sybarite Sporting, together with sister companies, Sybarite Safaris and Sybarite Cellars donate 15% of the sale profit, for the following products to the Country Food Trust and the Big Life Foundation:

•        Sloe & Damson Gin-Vodka

•        Elephant Gin

•        Tusker Lager




      1     It’s an intriguing term often seen in Italian wine notes; often used to describe sweet passito

wines or profound red wines, aged for a long time in wood and in the bottle. The direct translation is 'Meditation wine' but in Italian it means much more. It is, in part, about the quality of the wine: it often includes quiet sweet wines i.e. not the sparkling wines, and it can also include important red wines, wines with a long vinification process from vine to bottle, such as Brunello di Montalcino Riserva (at least 5 years in oak), Barolo Riserva (5 years in oak), and then more years in the bottle. The concept is more than just the wine; it also includes the manner in which you drink the wine - with an attitude of understanding its complexity and history.

      2     Vinecology is the integration of ecological and viticultural principles and practices; it

contextualizes sustainable land management within a specific agricultural sector and serves as

an entry point to biodiversity conservation in an economically and biologically important biome.

      3     PriceWaterhouseCoopers. (2015) Aluminium and plastic closures vs cork: the environmental

battle. <>. see Sybarite Cellars VinEcology for environmental impact of

            cork, aluminium and plastic wine closures.


A ‘Sensual Pleasuring’ fine wine merchants, focusing on French, German and Italian wines, and an unbeatable range of Sloe & Damson Gin-Vodka....Read More

Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch wine label animation of lady hunter with dog & shotgun, trees, stag & flying duck in background.
Tusker Lager & Elephants Gin charity donation logo with African acacia thorn bush trees & large ivory tusks as background.
Sybarite Cellars heraldic coats of arms logo, shows a shield with high heel, champagne & buffalo head, crown, crest & motto.
Blue vinecology icon image with letter emphasis on ECO in green & symmetrical grapes below forming an upside-down triangle.
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