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Shooting line in woodland winter snow conditions, heated clothing for driven wild boar shooting.
Hunter going to high seat in heavy snow, heated clothing for wild boar & deer shooting.
Hunter high on snow mountain forest ledge with heated clothing for Alpine hunting.
Mountain hunter in patchy snow, grass, rocky scree terrane, hunting for ibex & chamois.
Dusk hunter, head torch & heated clothing, in heavy snow on skis with rifle, hunting for wild boar.

Heated Clothing

Vulcan Heated Clothing logo, small round red / orange button with a female gender symbol and markings depicting bull horns in black.

Infrared Heated Clothing can keep you warm while hunting & shooting in cold winter weather.

Vulcan Heated Clothing is a unique range of Infrared 'smart' hunting wear that keeps you warm in brutal conditions as well has having muscle performance and recovery benefits.


Sybarite Sporting™ offer an exclusive discount on Vulcan Graphene Power heated hunting gloves, heated socks and heated baselayer clothing - essential while waiting on driven wild boar stands, winter pheasant shoots and hunting deer, ibex, chamois in cold winter conditions.

10% Discount / "Coupon Code": SYBAHEAT

Complete Hunting / Shooting PACK:

RRP £415.00 (1x Gloves, 1x Socks & 1x Baselayer) “Coupon code”: SYBAHEAT = £364.50


Heated Hunting Gloves



RRP £140.00 - with Sybarite Sporting discount / “Coupon code”: SYBAHEAT = £126.00


These waterproof heated hunting gloves have open flap finger meaning you can feel the rifle or shotgun trigger and digital devices without compromise, by lifting the finger cover over, without needing to take gloves off.


The hand-shaped heating elements cover both sides of your fingers to keep your entire hands warm.


The gloves include an adjustable cuff, anti-loss leash, and a mini battery pouch in the wrist to allow for comfortable freedom of movement and the ability to grip anything.

Heated Socks



RRP £125.00 - with Sybarite Sporting discount / “Coupon code”: SYBAHEAT = £112.50


These advanced heated socks use sophisticated 7.4V engineering and moisture-wicking technology.


The heat elements surround the foot and the toe cap keep your feet AND toes very warm!

If you’ve experienced cold feet before, you know that keeping your feet from getting wet is essential. That’s why Vulcan have found the best solution for keeping your feet dry: COOLMAX. With the moisture-wicking technology, this exceptionally breathable fabric pulls sweat away from the skin to keep your feet dry and prevent chafing or chilling.

Heated Baselayer

RRP £150.00 - with Sybarite Sporting discount / “Coupon code”: SYBAHEAT = £135.00


The Unisex Vulcan Infrared Heated Baselayer is a thin-compression long-sleeved top featuring three heating zones in the back to keep your body warm, inside and out.


Using advanced heated carbon fibre technology and high quality quick-drying fabric that keeps moisture out and heat in - raise your core body temperature at the click of a button, and enjoy easy switching between three modes to keep your body at your desired temperature.


This Heated baselayer is 100% machine-washable. Simply remove the battery pack and throw it in the wash, preferably within a mesh bag, at 30ºC. To prolong the life of the base-layer, avoid spin cycles or violent twisting..

Designed in the UK with Union Jack logo for Vulcan heated clothing - Sybarite Sporting
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