About Sybarite Sporting

Founded in 1999, Sybarite Sporting wasn’t so much started, but formed slowly as a passion for the countryside and country sports; organising a few shooting and deer stalking days in the UK and the odd safari in Africa - a passion, more the heart leading the company, than the head!

The company passion today is without doubt stronger, but it has changed….and there is certainly a great deal more head work involved, after 20 years of experience in business. Where once the passion was purely about the quality of sport, today it’s far more about the balance between sustainable conservation, local community integration, quality of sport, and fun with our guests.

Personally, sustainable conservation through hunting and shooting, has become a religion, and all religions require, amongst other things, dedication, reverence, devotion and above all, love.1 This deep respect for wildlife, and in-turn it’s sustainable conservation, together with a devotion for providing great sporting experiences for fun, like minded guests is what we try and uphold - after all, The Sybarites were seekers of pleasure and devoted to luxury.


What We Do

Sybarite Sporting organise authentic bespoke shooting and hunting safari experiences - for people who want to ‘actively’ experience self-supporting, symbiotic relationships,2 between managed wildlife ecosystems, and local (often indigenous and/or tribal) communities.


A shooting day or hunting trip with Sybarite Sporting means you will be contributing to sustainable rural development, in some of the most inspiring landscapes and wildlife rich environments on the planet.


We take great pleasure in meticulously sourcing, planning and hosting individual days and itineraries, in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK, Europe and Africa - and we hope, our guests, gain as much enjoyment, from our efforts, as we do in providing them.

"I fully support all game harvesting operations if done properly and in line with

evidence-based, well considered cull plans, conducted in an ethical manner."

                                                                                                   Non-Hunting Safari Guest (2009)



Most of the locations and areas of the world that inspire us to research and create travel plans for, sell themselves. But it’s the people we work with, that’s makes Sybarite Sporting’s shooting days and hunting safaris, experiences and memories unique.


The dedicated and discreet network of people we have created, and in-turn who have become friends, are very often the backbone to the on-ground logistics, and to the in-depth knowledge of our operational areas. They are the real conservationists, naturalist and ecologists that understand how habitats, native people and the wildlife work together.



We can understand better when we listen, and we can explain better when we speak…


Our social media participation, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, are to ‘inform and educate’ on conservation issues, so we can highlight the real facts, and so we can learn more about sustainable conservation development issues.

Please give us a call on +44 (0)20 3196 1962 or, alternatively please leave us a time that suits you on our Contact Us page and we will call you.


Going Forward

The main aim of Sybarite Sporting is to maintain our principle objective:


•          to provide traditional bespoke shooting days and hunting safari experiences within sustainable

            wildlife conservation management programmes, for likeminded guests.



By achieving this core aim, we will be able to continue to support our wildlife and community conservation charities and organisations:


•           Sloe & Damson Gin-Vodka > Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)


•           Elephant Gin and Tusker Lager > Big Life Foundation


•           Stag Tusks > British Deer Society Science & Research and GWCT


•           Red Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge shooting > The Country Food Trust


•           Red Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge shooting > British Game Alliance


•           Cape Buffalo and Plains Game hunting > Operators’ & Professional Hunters’ Associations of Africa

             - through Concession Conservation Fees & Community Fees.



...and in-turn:


•          we can learn from our wildlife management techniques and results, which we can then draw-off to

            inform decision-makers, industry stakeholders and the general public to the positive effects of

            practical sustainable conservation development, and if needs be, campaign directly within the

            industry to correct and improve management practices.

Ollie Hill

Founder and CEO of Sybarite Sporting

“There is one feature of my nature, however, for which I will make no apology -

I am a perfectionist, some might say almost to the point of eccentricity.“

                                                                                                                   Sir Joseph Nickerson (1989)




      1  I feel I must pay tribute to Sir Joseph Nickerson (1914-1990), and his book ‘A Shooting Man’s

          Creed’ (1989), as Sir Joseph wrote a similar sentence that made an impact on me while I was

          in hospital for several weeks, after a lifesaving operation in 1990 - the time was all the more

          poignant, in the fact that, it was a fantastic grouse year, which meant I had to find sport, that

          year, in Sir Joseph’s written sentences. This in-turn prompted me to do a three year ‘Game,

          Wildlife and Habitat Management’ qualification, and then a further degree in ‘Rural Estate

          Management’ at The Royal Agricultural College.

          Between these two academic appointments, I was extremely fortunate to work for Brian Mitchell,

          who was head keeper at Miltons and Chargot before he arrived at Castle Hill. One of the founder

          member of the ‘National Gamekeepers Organisation’ and author of “Think Like a Pheasant: Brian

          Mitchell and the Rise of the Exmoor High Bird”, there are few keepers who know more about

          presenting high pheasants.

          I have immense respect for Brian, and pay tribute to him for what he has done for shooting and

          the rural community - I am extremely proud to have worked for him, which I’m sure he found

          particular testing!!!!

      2  “A symbiotic relationship is one in which organisms, people, or things exist together in a way that

           benefits them all.” - HarperCollins Publishers, (2012). In: 1st ed. [online] Available at:

  [Accessed 21 Jun. 2014].




Striving for a ‘positive net’ wildlife/environmental gain, balanced together with local social and economical needs, must the primary objective to hunting/shooting game harvesting more





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