The native partridge to the UK, the Grey or English Partridge (Perdix perdix), was once the predominant game bird throughout the British countryside, but has sadly declined due to, predominantly, the loss of habitat with the increase in intensive arable farming in the 1950’s.

Today, many partridge shoots rely on the slightly larger Red Legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa), introduced to the UK from Spain, which also adds an extra dimension to many pheasant shooting days - being easier to rear and able to fly in much the same way as pheasants, over deep valley’s, producing high sporting birds.

The Partridge season opens in the UK on the 1st of September running through to the end of January.


In Spain the season runs from October to March, the actual closing dates vary between estates depending on the province.

Shooting partridges in Spain at the end of the UK game shooting season is often a welcome trip, adding further days to the shooting calendar without missing invitation in the British open season, as well enjoying a pleasant change in the shooting climate, Spain being somewhat warm than the British winter!

Once the British shooting season closes, it can get very busy in Spain, so we like to secure days as early as possible for guests.


We have access to some of the very best driven partridge shooting estates in England and Spain; please call us on +44 (0)20 3196 1962 or, alternatively please leave us a time that suits you on our Contact Us page and we will call you.


Wild Partridge Conservation

The decline of the wild Grey Partridge (UK) and the wild Red Legged Partridge (Spain) can be attributed to a number of reasons, including habitat loss (nesting cover), changes in farming practices (including use of herbicides, loss of insect food), large-scale rear and release affecting wild populations resulting in less predator control and an increase in predation during the nesting season, leading to more hen and nest losses.

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)

•          The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) are pioneering conservation research into game

            and wildlife, funded in large by the shooting community. Sybarite Sporting are great believers in the

            GWCT and continue to support their work through fund raising and donations from organised

            shooting and Sloe Gin sales.


            A range of factsheets on Grey and Red Legged Partridge conservation and population recovery

            are available from the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust at:


Game Utilisation

The Country Food Trust (CFT)

•          Sybarite Sporting supports The Country Food Trust by encouraging a 0.50p (VAT exempt) donation

            on every gamebird harvested, on the shooting days we organise.


            The Country Food Trust is a charity food producer that make top quality protein-based food that

            are donated to charities who feed people in need. Our sporting guests’ donations enable those

            birds harvested, that are not sold directly, to be processed into nutritious retort pouch meals for

            vulnerable people.


            Please see their work at

The British Game Alliance (BGA)

•          Sybarite Sporting supports The British Game Alliance by encouraging a 0.50p (VAT exempt)

            donation on every gamebird harvested, on the shooting days we organise.


            The British Game Alliance promotes the consumption of gamebird meat, as the official marketing

            board for game meat in the UK. Through the BGA 'British Game' assurance scheme, sporting

            guests’ can be assured they are participating in a shoot that adheres to the highest standards, and

            gamebird consumers can be confident to the provenance of their food.


            Please see their work at



The effects of good vermin control and habitat management, on pheasant and partridge shoots, will result in a positive net conservation impact.


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