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Scottish highland landscape of heather & grass mountain for biodiverse deer management.
Red deer stag in open grass hill in highland Cairngorms Scotland, stalking & hunting management.
Sika deer stag standing in open grassland, managed for stalking & hunting in highland Scotland.
Lone red deer stag on hunting ridgeline, a classic community led, sustainable use, wildlife conserva
Lone red deer stag on grassy hill shoulder, community led, sustainable-use, stalking conservation.
Hill pony bring red deer stag after successful stalking, hunting day in the Scottish highlands.

Red Deer

There are few places on earth that can match Scotland’s rugged scenery, sporting tradition and majestic red deer population - and nothing is quite like the experience of stalking red stags (Cervus elaphus scoticus) in the remote highland glens.

Through selective culling, this traditional Highland sport is essential to conserve and promote a healthy stable wild red deer population and to protect the natural habitat.

AREA: The highland estates of Perthshire, Angus and Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

SEASON: Best time is during the stag rut in October.

We can also organise a Macnab if you wish, in the Cairngorms area of the Scottish highlands - notably the ‘stomping grounds’ of John Farquharson (1832-1903), using many deer forests referenced in the book “The Romance of Poaching in the Highlands of Scotland" by W. McCombie Smith, which illustrates the lives of John Farquharson and Alexander Davidson’s poaching exploits, a welcome antidote to the usual Laird’s perspective.


For further information, please give us a call on...

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Alternatively, please leave us a time on our Contact Us page, and we will call you.

Red Deer Stag Hunting

eco low carbon tourisum

Please see our Red Deer Stag stalking information.PDF 

John Farquharson

Deer Management Groups take on the responsibility for calculating deer population density and recommending cull levels for area management plans.

Scottish Cairngorms estate / forest highlands hill pony bring a red deer stag home after successful stalking, hunting day.
Sybarite Sporting ivory red deer tusk cufflinks leaflet showing sustainable & responsibly sourced sterling silver jewellery.
Venison: The Game Larder book cover by Jose Souto; ethical & sustainable, an environmentally friendly, meat food source.

Red Deer Ivory Stag Tusk Cufflinks

Handmade Tusk Cufflinks Set In Sterling Silver

With the Red Deer stag rut in full swing in the highlands of

Scotland, now is the time to send us the tusks (maxillary canines).

We will polish and set the ivory tusks in sterling silver to create a

unique pair of cufflinks....

Youtube logo with red play icon colours that says ‘YouTube’ which links to Sybarite Sporting ‘Red Deer Stalking & Hunting’ YT playlist channel.
Dark grey book cover saying ‘John Farquharson, Glenfernate, Sporting Poacher’ with a centralised signed portrait drawing.


Logo 'Ladies MacNab Challenge' circling a Scottish stag, grouse and salmon silhouette.


The MacNab - bagging a salmon, stag and brace of grouse within one day between dawn and dusk, derives its name from the 1925 book “John MacNab” by John Buchan.

The story follows three protagonists: Sir Edward Leithen, John Palliser-Yeates and Lord Lamancha, all desperately bored and seeking excitement. The trio warn three Highland estate owners they intend to poach a salmon or a stag from their land within 48 hours, and present it at the door of the big house, without being caught. Nom de guerre, John MacNab will stand the cost.

We have access to some of the finest estates in Scotland for a MacNab,

including specific MacNab’s for the ladies, and you don’t have to do it

while being pursued by the owners of the estates!!...but I’m sure we can

organise that if you so wish!

John Farquharson (1832-1903)

John Farquharson was born in Glenfernate, highland Perthshire in the mid-1830s. He served as a gamekeeper for many years, and at this time devoted considerable attention to rifle shooting, winning many prizes with his notable shooting position (‘lying on his back’), proving useful in sparsely covered highland vegetation.

The confinement of gamekeeper employment was too much for Farquharson, and he gave up his position and started shooting "on his own" amongst his beloved mountains and moorlands. Thus, began his career as a poacher, more so an ‘illicit sportsman’, on the Perthshire moors and forests, stalking game there on the preserves of the aristocracy.

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