A high curling pheasant over steep valleys must be one of the most difficult birds to shoot, presenting the best of shots with a serious challenge.

Great Britain is renowned for its traditional high, fast driven pheasant shoots, and this mixture of demanding shooting, traditional history and the sybaritic concierge we add, must be unrivalled anywhere in the world.

We have access to many unique pheasant and partridge shoots, their style associated with the terrain and topography of the land, the social and dining experiences and accommodation genre.


To organise the right style and location of shooting, we’d to like to hear of any pheasant and/or partridge shooting requirements you may have, please call us on +44 (0)20 3196 1962 or, alternatively please leave us a time that suits you on our Contact Us page and we will call you.


Challenges & Research

The wider conservation, social and employment benefits that stem from pheasant shooting are often misconstrued in the press.

"It has been repeatedly demonstrated, not only that land managed for shooting has greater biodiversity and higher conservation value, but perhaps even more striking, that without the techniques pioneered and used in shoot management, biodiversity in the wider landscape can be compromised and the survival of some important species may even be in doubt." 1

Sustainable gamebird management is based on,

minimising biodiversity loss and balancing it with improvements elsewhere.

It is our duty and responsibility to continue to introduce and educate those willing and open-minded people, to the immense social, economical and environmental benefits that game shooting / hunting sustainably generate in the UK.

At the same time, we must as an industry keep challenging, researching and regulating our own management practices to make sure we are constantly in line with the morals and ethics that this management requires.

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)

•          Sybarite Sporting supports The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) research through

            donations from organised shooting and Sloe & Damson Gin-Vodka sales.

            Please see this work at


            •  “Pheasant release pens: The long-term effects of pheasants on the plant community”


            •  “Sustainable gamebird releasing”


Game Utilisation

The Country Food Trust (CFT)

•          Sybarite Sporting supports The Country Food Trust by encouraging a 0.50p (VAT exempt) donation

            on every gamebird harvested, on the shooting days we organise.


            The Country Food Trust is a charity food producer that make top quality protein-based food that

            are donated to charities who feed people in need. Our sporting guests’ donations enable those

            birds harvested, that are not sold directly, to be processed into nutritious retort pouch meals for

            vulnerable people.


            Please see their work at

The British Game Alliance (BGA)

•          Sybarite Sporting supports The British Game Alliance by encouraging a 0.50p (VAT exempt)

            donation on every gamebird harvested, on the shooting days we organise.


            The British Game Alliance promotes the consumption of gamebird meat, as the official marketing

            board for game meat in the UK. Through the BGA 'British Game' assurance scheme, sporting

            guests’ can be assured they are participating in a shoot that adheres to the highest standards, and

            gamebird consumers can be confident to the provenance of their food.


            Please see their work at





      1  Coghill, I. (2018). Article Shropshire Star, 16 November.

      2  Bicknell, J., others (2010) Impacts of non-native gamebird release in the UK: a review. RSPB

          Research Report Number 40



“On estates that operate good habitat management, and release birds at sustainable densities, the positive effects of habitat management are likely to result in a positive net conservation impact.” RSPB 2


Sloe & Damson Gin

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