We strongly advise that all our guests obtain full insurance shooting days / trips and for cover hunting safaris with Sybarite Sporting™ - in many instances, specific cover is compulsory!


Over and above general Public Liability and Travel Insurance, in many cases specific and specialist insurance cover and services is advisable for sporting activities and itineraries, and may differ from whether activities are in the UK, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world.

Sybarite Sporting recommend and personal use the following policy providers for the appropriate cover:

•       Sports (Hunting) Travel Insurance

•       Medical Evacuation Air Service

•       Shoot Cancellation Insurance

•       Shooting Public Liability Insurance

Sports (Hunting) Travel Insurance

Travel insurance cover for ‘Game Hunting with Rifle and/or Gun’ will have to specifically stated on an insurance policy with the countries of cover clearly stated.


Please see 'SportsCover Direct' for specific hunting Sports Travel Insurance.

Medical Evacuation Air Service

A medical evacuation service maybe advisable for extremely remote itineraries in Africa - you may need to take out separate cover for this with an expert medical evacuation service that will send a fully equipped aircraft into the bush.


Please see 'Medical Air Service' for medical air evacuation and repatriation services.

Shoot Cancellation Insurance

Adverse weather on the hill, such as fog, low cloud or snow, can make shooting or stalking impossible or unsafe, resulting in days lost.

We strongly advise that guests take out an adverse weather, shoot cancellation insurance policy for grouse shooting or highland deer stalking particularly in October or November.

This provides peace of mind that if the weather turns bad or the day is unable to continue due to any form of disruptive action, that the day is not lost financially, especially if an alternative day cannot be organised.


Sybarite Sporting personally use 'Lycetts Insurance Brokers' for Shoot Cancellation Insurance.


A brief overview:

•       Insurance must be taken out 14 days before the shooting day;

•       A day cannot be cancelled before 11am;

•       Claims are paid on a sliding scale which reduces by 25% for each drive


•       Cover is also provided for days cancellation due to adverse travel conditions;

•       Cover is provided for additional accommodation costs up to £300 per person and per

night as long as included within the sum insured;

•       £100 policy excess.

Please contact Edmund Sword, from Lycetts Insurance Brokers, on 01748 900060, or if you'd prefer, contact give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3196 1962.

Shooting Public Liability Insurance

We insist that anyone shooting or stalking with Sybarite Sporting has the required minimum cover of £10 Million third party, public and personal liability insurance in place well in advance of attending a shoot day, and must carry proof of this at all times.


Membership of BASC, The Countryside Alliance or similar organisations can provide this, or alternatively Lycetts Insurance Brokers can provide a team cover policy.

Red grouse on heather moorland, just visible due to very poor weather conditions of mist & fog, a cancelled shooting day.
Red deer stag in heavy fog & mist, insurance cover would be required to cover the cost of the hunting day being cancelled.
Medical evacuation air service aeroplane in flight over Africa, with AirMed & Swiss cross of red and white on the side.
Winter snow & wind blizzards with low visibility of tree and bushes; the day has been cancelled due to bad weather.
A shooting sportsman on a game shoot, picking-up with his dog in heavy thick fog / mist weather, about to cancel the day.


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