Non-Shooting Guests

We wholeheartedly encourage guests to bring family and friends to be part of the day’s events, as this so often adds wonderful style and humour to a sporting day or hunting safari.


A whole host of non-shooting or hunting activities, depending on the location, can be organised for those not wishing to participate is the actual shooting or hunting activities of the day.


Whether it is a day at a spa, local historic house tour, or a separate day safari while out in the African bush, we can suggest and organise a range of ideas.


Please call us on +44 (0)20 3196 1962 if you would like to organise activities and/or excursions away from or separate to the main sporting itinerary, or if you would prefer, please leave us a time that suits you on our Contact Us page and we will call you.


Maybe Ponder this Thought...

Harvesting a sustainable, wild, resource through shooting, hunting or fishing is a direct form of conservation, provided it is achieved safely by utilising a quick, ethical, humane method - it’s in our DNA as homo sapiens and why we exist today!


It’s not for everyone but maybe think about having a lesson and become proficient with a gun, rifle or fishing rod, and in-turn take a consumable harvest from the wild, instead of letting the supermarkets do it for you!


Sustainable hunting conservation is a passion, a religion for us - not only do we feel we have a moral obligation to pass on knowledge, thought and analytic theory to others but we want to hear and learn rational intelligent views and thought from others.





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