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Safari wildlife film photographer on top of land cruiser in dry dusty African bushland of Tanzania.
Boat with wildlife film photographers as light fades at dusk on the shore of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe.
Close up shot of film photographer & camera equipment, shooting elephant bush scene from a vehicle.

Film & Photography

We can offer a fully custom videography and photography facility for your game shooting, deer stalking days or hunting safari itinerary.


Our production partners specialise in outdoor filming, aerial / drone surveying and photography, capturing the moments that bring together the memories of a day or a full shooting, hunting trip.

“The only failure is not to try.”


                                                     - George Clooney

Film Production

We work with a very well-respected film production company that specialise in full-length documentary, feature film and social media short productions.


The team have been called upon for location scouting, film production, technical consulting and media conceptualisation as well as the array of film production and photography services.


Together with the experience of our partners we can lead you through the process from start to finish and ensure that your vision is fully realised.

The team at Pace Brothers Productions undertook an incredibly important film project

for us in 2017, show casing our Highland Stalker rifle. Completing a week of filming

in tough weather conditions in the Scottish Highlands, the final creative edit lived

up to everything we had hoped for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their

services to those looking for high end film production."

            - Rigby Gunmakers


As well as offering videography, we can provide photography services for all shooting, stalking, hunting and safari activities.


Photographing a day is a fantastic way to cherish your memories and is generally easier on the budget than full scale videography.


The format and objectives on the day or trip can obviously be whatever you would like but the aim is to capture the whole story, from the location and natural landscape of an area, the hospitality and any social interaction, as well as all the actual shooting, stalking or hunting aspects.


This visual narrative of your day or trip can then be presented as a coffee table book or as a digital collage, for you and your guests.


Be it driven grouse, partridge or pheasant shooting, driven wild boar or a hunting safari in the African savannah, we can organise it without you hardly noticing!

Masailand bush of Tanzania, Africa.

Filming is most efficient when you can plan your shots, set up properly and triple check your settings, but as any film-maker knows, it’s rare to have those luxuries....

Safari film crew with camera equipment following a professional hunter & guest for plains game in savanna bushland, Tanzania.
Wildlife safari cameraman with film & videography equipment on tripod, ready for action in the Masailand bush of Africa.
Byron Pace setting up film & videography camera equipment in bare cold snow covered landscape.
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