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Red Deer Ivory Tusk Cufflinks & Pendants

Hand-Made Ivory Tusk Cufflinks & Chain Pendants set in Sterling Silver

Close shot of the ivory tusk with shiny deep yellow & brown marble wearing, sterling silver chain & plate disc attached.
Bespoke Orders

Red deer possess the rare distinction of having both antlers and ivory canine teeth, believed to have been bona fide tusks many thousands of years ago during the animal's evolution. 1

Marketing leaflet with white trim on a black background displaying the red deer ivory tusk cufflinks set in sterling silver.
Red deer ivory tusk cufflinks with sterling silver assayed hallmarks and unique individual engraved provenance numbering.
Workshop in Scotland with displayed tool racks, where sterling silver cufflink & ivory tusk elements lie on the benchtop.
Red deer stag in parkland grass, quartering away & looking back; source of sustainable, ethical & responsible ivory tusks.
Scottish silversmith & engraving workshop with various ivory tusk & sterling silver working tools on display.
Pair of red deer stag ivory tusks cufflinks displayed with sterling silver plates & underside hallmarks / engraved numbering.
Ivory tusk jewellery necklace made for Queen Victoria, from red deer stags ethically & sustainably harvested at Balmoral.
Finished Orders
The Big Life Foundation logo with black & white elephant facing forward, funds to fight ivory tusk poaching in East Africa.
Pearl drop shape ivory on a chain pendant & wrist chain bracelet, worn by sexy brunette model, wearing linen cotton shirt.

A necklace from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria featuring the ivory tusks (maxillary canine) from red deer stags he shot on The Balmoral Estate. 3



     1   R Espinoza, Edgard O. & Mann, Mary-Jacque (1999) Identification guide for ivory and ivory

          substitutes. WWF, TRAFFIC, co-operation with CITES. Originally published by World

          Wildlife Fund and The Conservation Foundation, 1991. 4.


     2   Also 'Hirschgrandln', alpine German Bavarian dialect.

         Grandel (or Grandl) refers to the canine tooth of ruminants (usually deer).


     3   Royal Collection; Necklace 1860 (RCIN 13508) R & S GARRARD (above right)


Jewellery setting with ivory 1 stag tusks (‘hirschgrandeln’ 2) was first made popular in the early 19th century in the Alpine regions of Europe where it was believed to bring good luck to future hunts.


The idea was brought over to Britain by Prince Albert who gifted Queen Victoria with numerous pieces of jewellery, set with the tusks from red deer stags he’d hunted in the Royal grounds of Balmoral Estate in Scotland. 3


Today we are continuing this tradition, and the sustainable use of a deer management by-product, by polishing red deer ivory tusks (ivory canines 1) and setting them in sterling silver, to create a unique and original pair of cufflinks or a chain pendant.

Both Finished and/or Bespoke (custom-made) jewellery are available to order:

  • Responsibly & ethically sourced ivory.

  • Sustainable-use deer management by-product.

  • Natural, environmental & eco-friendly resource.

  • Traceability record & documented jewellery provenance.

  • Recycled 925 sterling silver.

  • Handmade in Scotland.

  • Unique engraved identification number & hallmarking.

  •                    IVORY RED DEER TUSKS


Finished Jewellery Orders

We often have finished ivory jewellery cufflinks and pendants stock

available to order.

These may be purchased directly from our Jewellery & Wine storage

company (Sybarite Cellars Ltd), where a donation is automatically made

to the African Elephant Conservation charity - The Big Life Foundation;

please go to the Cufflinks/Pendants page at Sybarite Cellars Ltd.

Alternatively, if you wish to pay by proforma invoice, please Contact Us.

Bespoke Orders

N.B. we can only fulfil Bespoke Orders between the 15th September and the 1st November!


Once we have received the Order Form information, we will send you an invoice by email with instructions on how and where to send the deer ‘tusk teeth’ for setting as cufflinks or as a pendant.

When ordering, please kindly put the discount or promotional code in brackets after your ‘Full Name’ so we can issue the appropriate invoice amount and make the correct donation to the corresponding sustainable wildlife conservation charity.


When we have recieved the deer tusks, and payment has been cleared, we aim to deliver the besoke cufflinks within 20 working days.


If engraving is required, this will take a little longer depending on the engraver’s workload.

•       Please download a summary of the ‘Ordering Instructions’ if you require further

clarity. .PDF 

N.B.  1 - Please kindly clean the tusk teeth in preparation for setting.

2 - As Sybarite Sporting’s Red Deer Tusk Cufflinks and Pendants are custom handmade, they are non-refundable. This is compliant with The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 which clearly states that ‘made to order’ items are non-refundable. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with an item please contact us upon receipt and we will do our best to rectify any problems. Items returned with no prior notification, and deemed suitable for a refund, will not be refunded - please see our Product Terms & Conditions.

Scottish Silversmith

All of our jewellery is hand-made in Scotland, hallmarked and individually numbered which all adds to the provenance of the jewellery.


The silver pendant is 'hammer finished' which creates a subtle facet look and feel that integrates with the smooth undulations of the ivory tusk. The sterling silver pendant chain is 18” (457mm) long i.e. 229mm clasp to pendant but a longer chain can be specified on the order form, when ordering; 20” (508mm), 22” (559mm) or 24” (600mm).


Both the cufflinks and pendant are presented in a velvet blue box with a card insert of the date and estate or forest name of where the stag was taken, provided the information is supplied when ordering.


The sterling silver cufflinks (pair) and pendant are priced at £180 including delivery within the UK, excluding any personal hand engraving, please see below for Hand Engraving instructions.


For delivery outside of the UK, there is a charged of £29.95 for ‘International Tracked & Signed’.

Cleaning & Storing Silver.PDF 

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