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East African Professional Hunter's Association (EAPHA)


The East African Professional Hunter's Association (EAPHA) was an organization of

East African white hunters founded in Nairobi, Kenya in 1934. Their motto was

‘nec timor nec temeritas’ - "neither fear nor foolhardiness". During its existence it

was able to accomplish much to conserve East African wildlife and become perhaps

one of the most respected societies in the world of its kind. The Association was

disbanded in 1977 when Kenya outlawed all big game hunting - “In Kenya, wildlife

numbers have declined by 68% in the 40-year period from 1977 to 2016 both outside

and inside protected areas.”1



Namibia Professional Hunting Association (NAPHA)


The fundamental purpose of NAPHA is to enhance and maintain, by effective

management, an organizational infrastructure that can serve professional hunting

members, clients and other interest groups. Our intent is to ensure and promote

ethical conduct, sustainable utilization of natural resources, and to secure the

industry for current and future generations.


Tanzania Professional Hunters Association (TPHA)

Tanzania Hunting Operators Association (TAHOA)

In the 1966, after each of the East African countries achieved independence

the Tanzanian Wildlife Division called for the formation of the Tanzanian Professional

Hunters Association (TPHA). On the 28th of April 1966 the TPHA was established and

worked independently of the EAPHA, which continued with its mandate in Kenya and

Uganda. Its members have attained necessary levels of competence, skill and ethics

required for the responsibility of a professional hunter. The TPHA and TAHOA stands

together with pride, and not only distance itself, but stand-up against those who

threaten the profession and wildlife with unethical and unprofessional conduct.

Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation (Tanzania)


The Robin Hurt Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit organisation that

Has been at the forefront of conservation and community based natural

resource management in Tanzania since the early 1990’s. The foundation

believed that wildlife and its habitat can only be conserved by involving

the local people, and from this involvement give them a direct benefit from

the wildlife among which they live.


              Custodians of Wilderness: Tanzania


Association of Mozambique Hunting Safari Operators (AMOS)


AMOS supports the conservation and ecologically sustainable development

and use of natural resources, for the benefit of current and future generations,

through the promotion of sustainable and ethical hunting. The protection and

the conservation of a species-rich and healthy wild fauna, and securing their

livelihoods while respecting the local customs, traditions and culture; and the

promotion of environmental, natural and animal welfare and the maintenance

and improvement of the existing natural habitats.



Zimbabwe Professional Hunters & Guides Association (ZPHGA)


This is an association dedicated to the perusal of ethical, sportsmanlike principles

and to promote sustainable wildlife utilisation for the benefit of wildlife conservation,

the people of Zimbabwe and those who visit Zimbabwe. We aim to maintain the

highest standards of professionalism amongst our members, and are committed

to the training and education of future hunters and guides in the industry in Zimbabwe.


Operators’ & Professional Hunters’ Associations of Africa (OPHAA)


The mission of OPHAA is to promote legal and ethical fair-chase sustainable

hunting in Africa through communication, unity, community support, and

cooperation between nationally recognized African hunting associations by

means of a code of conduct that is strictly adhered to by each association and

their members in their representative country.

Big Life Foundation (BLF)

Big Life’s mission is to protect and sustain the wildlife and habitats of the more than

1.6 million acres in the greater Amboseli ecosystem, including one of the largest

populations of elephants remaining in East Africa. It is the first organization in

East Africa to achieve coordinated cross-border operations between Kenya and

Tanzania. Big Life’s conservation effort focuses on collaborating closely with local

communities, partner NGOs, national parks, and government agencies. This

collaborative approach is at the heart of Big Life’s philosophy “envisioning a world

in which conservation supports the people and people support conservation.”

The African Billfish Foundation (CFT)

The African Billfish Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the

conservation and research of the Billfish species in the Indian Ocean. It

coordinates and promotes the conservation of Billfishes primarily in the

Western Indian Ocean. Alongside the tagging programme the ABF runs a tag

recovery and education programme, educating local artisanal fishermen and

school children about the programme and the species of interest as well as the

concept of conservation. The ABF and its programmes are funded by donations.

Dallas Safari Club (DSC)

Dallas Safari is a mission-focused conservation organization, funded by hunters

from around the world. Through its Foundation, it funds conservation grants annually:

elephant and lion projects in Africa, desert bighorn sheep restoration in North America,

and various anti-poaching projects.

Sybarite Sporting is proud to be a member of and support the following wildlife hunting conservation organisations:

Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT)


The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is a leading UK charity conducting

conservation science to enhance the British countryside for public benefit.

For over 80 years the GWCT has been researching and developing game

and wildlife management techniques. The Trust uses research to provide

training and advice on how best to improve the biodiversity of the countryside.


The Heather Trust

The Heather Trust is a charity registered in Scotland but operating across Great Britain.

It was originally set up in the 1980s to reconcile grouse and sheep farming interests

on moorland at a time when the benefits for both species of an integrated approach

were not as well understood as they are today.  The Trust now seeks to promote the

value of the increasingly rare heather moorland habitat, and to reconcile economic,

social and environmental interests in moorland management.

The Moorland Association

The Moorland Association objective is to encourage the conservation of heather

moorland in England and Wales for everyone to enjoy by conserving and promoting:

red grouse and their habitat, ecology and natural beauty, farming best practice,

awareness of the importance of the moors, and the impact of the moors on the local


The Country Food Trust (CFT)

The Country Food Trust was established in July 2015 with the aim of utilising the

abundance of high quality game available in the UK in order to help those in need.

The charity is funded by individuals, companies, shoots, trusts and other charitable


British Game Alliance (BGA)

The British Game Alliance is the official marketing board for the UK game industry.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we work to promote the value of all feathered game

to the public whilst exploring new markets at home and overseas.

Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG)

The ADMG is a group of Deer Management Groups, that are run by landholding

representatives within a particular Group area. The collaborative activities of a Group

include the carrying out of a coordinated count of all the deer in the area annually

providing a basis for assessing the cull required to meet the combined objectives of

members and to ensure that the deer are managed sustainably and within the carrying

capacity of their range, taking account of the presence of other domestic stock and wild


Pace Productions

Pace Productions UK create engaging promotional and feature films, media and

photography, specialising in outdoor pursuits. They have built a strong reputation

in documentary filming production and directing, as well as our ability to work in

challenging environments. The Production team specialise in outdoor filming, aerial

surveying and photography, capturing the moments which make an adventure

memorable in a unique and engaging way. >>> Podcast

African Wildlife Hunting & Conservation





      1  Ogutu, Joseph Dr. (2016) Extreme Wildlife Declines and Concurrent Increase in Livestock Numbers

          in Kenya: What Are the Causes? [Published: September 27, 2016, Dr. Joseph Ogutu is the Senior

          Statistician at the University of Hohenheim]




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