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Shooter aiming with sign saying “FITASC The most challenging of all the sporting clay disciplines”.

FITASC Sporting Calendar Data Requirement


Please kindly email the following information:


* Required information for calendar entry!

Event Title: *

No of Targets:*

System: (Old/New) *

County: *

Date: *

Club/Ground Name: *

Website URL:

Booking Entries Notes:

Start Time: *

Last Entries:

Postal Address: *

Sat.Nav Postcode: *

Contact Name: *

Contact Telephone: *

Contact Email: *

Further Note/Comment:


Thanks very much...

Email envelope icon to contact Sybarite Sporting about FITASC shooting dates, events, fixtures & competitions.
Yellow AA display notice directing to FITASC World Championships & standard white road signs for Shooting Ground direction.
FITASC sporting clay shooting competition championships female, ladies’ class, blue skeet vest, ready position for target.
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