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Red deer stag ivory tusk cufflinks displayed with sterling silver plates & underside hallmarks.

Cleaning & Storing Silver

Hand-Made Ivory Tusk Cufflinks & Chain Pendants

Silversmith / Jeweller


Our highly skilled jewellers have been crafting silverware and jewellery for over 20 years in Edinburgh and Scotland, and are committed to providing excellent personalised hand-made jewellery. If you require further bespoke hand-made silver items or alternations, please Contact Us.



Caring and Cleaning Silver Cufflinks


We use 925 Sterling Silver for our cufflinks and pendants. Silver is a soft metal that will naturally mark when in contact with hard surfaces and is liable to tarnish when in contact with chemicals; therefore, silver jewellery requires a little care.





Tarnishing develops as a chemical reaction but causes no actual harm to the silver and the most common source is through air (especially during the warmer months) and contact with substances such as perfume, water or lotions.





Tarnished silver can be easily resolved at home by using a silver polish cloth.


First, polish the surface of the silver with the inner side of a dry microfibre silver cloth to add the polishing agent and then, buff the piece again with the outer cloth to give a lovely shine.





Sterling silver jewellery is best stored in an individual box or anti-tarnishing bags made from mylar or polyethene (avoid bags made from polyvinyl as they contain sulphur compounds). Silver jewellery should not be touching other jewellery and should never be rested on metal when not being worn.

Single, shiny deep white yellow ivory tusk with marble wearing set in sterling silver disc plate & chain attachments.
Sybarite Sporting, red deer ivory tusk cufflinks marketing leaflet, black background with white trim, displaying jewellery.
Pair of red deer ivory tusk cufflinks displaying the assay office hallmarks & unique engraved identification number.
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