Red grouse driven over stone shooting butts, embedded into the managed heather moorland habitat.
Monarch of the Glen, red deer stags on a stalking estate hill forest in highland Scotland.
Single Oryx gazella, gemsbok crossing classic semi-arid desert mountains in Namibia, Africa.
Alpine ibex in high mountain rocky pastures of central Europe, hunting areas shared with Chamois.
A lone cape buffalo on a conservation hunting safari, in the grassy swamps of Tanzania & Zimbabwe.

Welcome to Sybarite Sporting

'Sustainable-Use Wildlife Conservation Management'

— through evidence-based, community-led, ethical hunting and shooting management plans.

Sybarite Sporting™ specialise in traditional bespoke British, European and African shooting days and hunting itineraries.

Whether it's driven grouse shooting or red deer stalking in the majestic highlands of Scotland, or a plains game or buffalo hunting safari amongst the remote wilderness habitats of Africa - together with our guests, we strive to combine our sustainable-use wildlife conservation beliefs with a fastidious sybaritic lifestyle.


Our website pages are merely an insight into our responsible ecotourism and wildlife conservation passion, and the local communities that manage these inspiring experiences, adventures and memories.


For further information, please give us a call on +44 (0) 20 3196 1962


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Red Deer Ivory Stag Tusk Cufflinks

Handmade Tusk Cufflinks Set In Sterling Silver

With the Red Deer stag rut in full swing in the highlands of

Scotland, now is the time to send us the tusks (maxillary canines).

We will polish and set the ivory tusks in sterling silver to create a

unique pair of cufflinks....

Red deer stag stalking in the highland mountains of Scotland; sustainable use wildlife conservation hunting management.

One of nature’s greatest events, the annual deer rut sees stags roar and fight in a bid to mate with as many hinds as possible..... Read More


A video for anyone who takes wildlife conservation seriously - featuring our hunting concession in Namibia.

Sloe & Damson Gin-Vodka

British Sloe & Damson Berries

ABV 26% - 30% alc.

Bottle 50 - 70cl.

Light Burgundy to deep Bordeaux red, often with shades of rich Chianti leather browns in appearance. On the nose, redcurrant and ripe winter fruits hold together distinctive stone-fruit almond aromas. Cassis with soft cherry will come through on the palate, rounded with tantalising hints of alcoholic spices…BUT this all depends on which one you choose......please see the Sybarite Cellars Sloe & Damson page!

Case Price (6) from... £115.00

Blackthorn drawing of berries for sloe gin & damson vodka; charity donation to The Game & Wildlife Conservation trust.